By Jeremy Tarr
15 December 2008


"Of all the adjectives used to describe skivvies, I very much doubt that the word "whimsical" ever comes to mind. It is, however, the most fitting word to describe Luva Huva's knickers and bras. Sexy, of course, is a given - we are speaking of lingerie after all - but this sexiness brings with it a playful quality of carefree boudoirs wherein sex brings insouciant smiles and cheeky glances. It is very much the good girl's naughty side.

Joanna Ketterer, a British girl with a lovely smile, started Luva Huva in 2005, selling them in the boutiques of Suffolk and Bristol. They've now come to our fine city, available at Avita Co-Op on 3rd Street.

With only ten - count `em - ten shopping days left until Christmas, Ketterer sits down to answer LA2DAY's Questionnaire and discusses war time recycling, Queen Victoria and the Jolly Green Giant. 

Who is the most stylish person in the world? 

For daywear Felicity Kendal in the British TV series The GoodLife; for night wear Audrey Hepburn. 

Who is the least stylish person in the world? 

The Jolly Green Giant. He wears a kind of toga made of leaves. I admire his re-use of natural materials but perhaps he has gone one step too far. His toga seems a little skimpy as well. 

Who is the most stylish person you've met? 

My lingerie tutor from the London College of Fashion, she wore glasses, elaborate dresses or skirts and bright red lipstick. Like all stylish people, she made her own individual look and pulled it off with confidence.

Who is the least stylish person in history? 

Queen Victoria, she never really seemed to make an effort.

If you were to give the world a make-over, how would you style it? 

I'd make sure all the world's clothes were produced in a way that does not harm humanity or the environment. 

In which period of history do you think people dress the best?

I think people dressed best during the 1940's. Some people say fashion stopped in the war time era but in my opinion it was at its best. The idea of 'make do and mend' encouraged the idea of recycling textiles. For example wedding dresses would be remade into underwear, skirts were made from men's old plus fours and Fair Isle jumpers were made from unraveled socks. I think the era shows that when you recycle textiles the results can be really innovative. 

Is there one item that has gone out of style that you wish would come back? 

The pocket watch.

What are you wearing right now?

Some vintage knee high boots with long socks, skinny blue jeans and a long cardigan. 

What do you wish you were wearing right now?

I wish I could be drinking my herbal tea before bed in my brushed cotton Tartan pajama bottoms teamed with a big wooly warm jumper. 

Are you afraid of Anna Wintour?

Not sure, I've never met her. 


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