Beautiful ethical lingerie, handmade in the U.K


A beautiful, ethical alternative in lingerie and loungewear.
Our founder, Joanna
Luva Huva’s lingerie and loungewear collections were born of a chance discovery of some vintage fabric in a secondhand market. With a background in textiles and a strong belief in the value of eco-friendly and handcrafted clothing, Joanna saw the potential for that fabric to become a delightful pair of knickers and the basis of a positive fashion label.
Drawing inspiration from the rustic Suffolk countryside where she spent her childhood, Joanna’s work celebrates pretty, feminine style and provides a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to an often wasteful fashion industry.
Luva Huva Team
A group of three women and one whippet, named Millie, inhabit the Luva Huva studio in Brighton, Great Britain. Joanna, Sai and Kelly work together on all aspects of production from design, pattern making and sewing through to the final wrapping and packing of finished pieces.
Ethical Production
Our small team makes almost all Luva Huva orders from scratch with caring attention to detail. Luva Huva keeps very few items in stock and so the hand made touch is at the heart of every package we send out. Our turnover times are slower than big business fashion brands but making a personal connection with the loungewear and lingerie we create is at the heart of our ethical philosophy.
Our textiles are selected with care and consideration for people and the planet. We are committed using local suppliers and producers where possible, as well as to remnants, vintage and end-of-line fabrics and trims.
Luva Huva’s core collection is built from attractive, natural and ecologically considerate fabrics such as:
Organic Cotton
You can read more about these textiles on our fabrics page.
Lingerie for Everyone
At Luva Huva we want everyone to be able to enjoy our lovely lingerie. We are always happy to create made to measure garments to fit any body and custom sizing is always free of charge. We enjoy connecting with customers to make sure every piece is perfect for them - so do get in touch with the Luva Huva team!

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