Beautiful ethical lingerie, handmade in the U.K


The fabrics used by Luva Huva reflect our strong commitment to provide a sustainable and ethical alternative to the often wasteful fashion industry, while promoting UK fabric manufacturing and production. Luva Huva is particularly proud to support one of the last UK based manufacturers of elastic.

Luva Huva develops garments made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, soy, hemp and organic cotton. The results are miles away from the dreary, uncomfortable clothing that have unfortunately become associated with natural fabrics. In fact, the textiles are brilliantly soft and breathable, allowing for wonderfully wearable lingerie.

In addition, these fabrics enjoy tremendous environmental advantages. Hemp, bamboo and soy require no herbicides or pesticides to grow and are among the most sustainable crops around. Our organic cotton is also fully certified.

Luva Huva also take advantage of end of line and off cut fabrics wherever possible, which we use to produce limited edition ranges, often with runs of less than 10 items, recycling fabrics that would otherwise be discarded.

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