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Smart Planet Posted on 22 October 2007

Smart Planet

Ethical designs take centre stage at London fair


22 October 2007


"Where can you find frilly knickers, chequered coats, exotic swimwear, see-through nighties and retro-printed dresses all in the same place -- and all ethical? It has to be at The Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair, where ten of UK's most prominent independent, ethical designers met recently to show off their people-and-planet-friendly creations.

Enamore vintage and organic women's wear, Luva Huva cotton and silk knickers, Ria Roberts printed shirts and dresses, Lalesso beach-wear, Eco-Boudoir sustainable lingerie, Amana organic and fair trade women's wear, Ruth Cross knitwear, Fisher Garcia eco-couture and Tammam organic and fair trade women's wear all exhibited this season's ethical fashion must-haves on the catwalk, at the unique shows on 19 October.

Luva Huva designer Joanna Ketterer, Lucy Tammam and founder of Eco-Boudoir, Jenny White, all agreed that both afternoon and evening slots had gone very well with the 1pm show proving the busiest.

Lucy Tamman commented: "Working on the show with such a diverse range of designers was an amazing experience. It was fantastic to showcase the whole spectrum of the eco-fashion world, and prove that there is diversity, imagination and skill in eco fashion. I feel, as ethical businesses, we are trying to promote the importance of eco and fair trade practices, as well as our own businesses and with that in mind the collaborative spirit within the group was brilliant. I've never seen anything to this standard or scale before for an 'ecollective'.

Fashion-show virgin, Joanna Ketterer, was overwhelmed by the interest her knickers received. Made from fabric cut-offs that would normally have been thrown away, every pair of Luva Huva knickers, is unique.

Some of the designers also had stalls at the actual fair, making it easy for eco-fashionistas to get their hands on the goodies without having to go online to shop."

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